Shenzhen City Exhibition Hall, Yuexiu Property | Z ONE⁺ | World Design Awards 2023

Z ONE⁺: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. The project is located in the Bihai Bay Area, Shenzhen, which covers an area of 1,100 square meters. Based on a logical user-centered design concept, the interior flows beautifully with the exterior’s sea and sky scenery. Every element radiates a poetic charm within contemporary aesthetics, from the pleasant view to the comfortable living environment.

People can enjoy the peace and beauty of the moments while sipping tea or reading a book in the shade of the leaves and candlelight. The visitor will be met by an energetic image of green branches sprouting upwards as they enter the landscape area. In addition, the VIP area’s soft furnishings give off a jovial vibrancy. Those who have lived in cities for a long time can take a minute to calm down and relax in the greenery, soft moss, and warm sunlight.

As an urban exhibition hall, it draws on the city’s heritage, living scenes and natural humanities to depict the luxury experiences with enchanting seascape, following the tide of progress in the Bay Area of the Times.

Project Details

Chengchao Wang

Project Name
Shenzhen City Exhibition Hall, Yuexiu Property

World Design Awards Category
Commercial and Exhibition Interior Built

Project Location

Chengchao Wang, etc


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©Yanming Studio

Founded in Shenzhen, Z ONE⁺ has engaged in various fields including real-estate, commerce, office and residential fields. Adhering to a user-centred product perspective, it pursues the real life needs behind the products, providing customers with integrated solutions for hard, soft and lighting design in sales offices, model houses, refined decoration standard research and development, public area overhead clubhouses, commercial offices and private residences, etc.

We strive to gain insight into the essence of life and meet the value demands of our clients more than expected by evaluating horizontally and deducing vertically based on the three-dimensional integrated logic of research, design and verification.