Simple Life | HWCD | International Residential Architecture Awards 2021

HWCD: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2021. Smooth and natural pattern sequence perfectly match the white and grey mass colour tone.Silver ornaments make the vision interesting, avoiding visual fatigue feeling. The design team abandoned all tedious decoration and complex color matching, returning to the purity and essence of art design, calling for a soul resonance under the interweaving of nature and humanity.

The delicate texture of soft decoration infiltrates the details with geometric elements, echoing the overall interior structure. The connection between lines and planes goes from shallow to deep, enriching the internal layers and deepening the visual depth. The integration of sculpture art works in the negotiation area undertake the flow of the overall charm, properly adding the artistic aesthetic temperament for the interior space, and further connecting the new meaning of the urban lifestyle.

Inspired by the spirit of the overall environment, the space allows the vitality of nature to flow in the room and full of vitality.With its full and flexible form, the space deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, turning its own art form into a unique light atmosphere, contributing to the formation of emotional dialogue between the space and people.

The design vocabulary of modern art, which softens the core of geometric elements and modern texture and hides details in simplicity, guides the viewer through the center of urban life.

Project Details

Project Name
Simple Life 


International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Recreation Concept

Project Location

Vicky Kuo,Xiang Zhigang,Lou yaoying


Photography ©Credit

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