Yango Kunming Wenlan East Sales Center | IF DESIGN | International Residential Architecture Awards 2021

IF DESIGN: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2021. We are the children of nature. The animals and plants in nature are our companions. We are free from the warm embrace of nature and displaced in the hustle and bustle of the city. Now we are finally back to the starting point of life.

Kunming Sunshine City Wenlan Oriental is an old city reconstruction project within the planning scope of Kunming Free Trade Zone. It is adjacent to Yungui Railway in the east, Kunming College in the southwest, and Baoxiang River in the north. This is the core intersection of Kunming’s north-south development axis and east-west development axis. It plays a key role in the development of Kunming. It will become the industrial center and logistics hub of Yunnan in the future, and the geographical position is very superior.

The soft furnishing design of the Wenlan Life Research Institute meticulously created by the IF DESIGN Yuguo design team, interprets the ideal lifestyle with fine art, and redefines the ideal living standard of high-end luxury residences for home buyers.

Nowadays, art is gradually becoming an important way of thinking and means: constructing a sense of situation and story with artistic people or objects, and enhancing the memory of the venue in the interaction with people. And, to bring people a more advanced situational experience.

Entering the reception space is like entering an art space. Through the interpretation and comprehension of the artistic quality of life, the designer restores a kind of sunny and comfortable natural art in the design.

The green installation symbolizing vitality hung above the sand table is like a colorful and endless picture scroll decorated with nature, and like jumping notes, echoing the majestic and endless symphony of nature.

The designer constructs the spatial shape through an orderly natural language organization, forming a kind of upward and orderly beauty, making the final overall space like a picture scroll slowly unfolding.

The most beautiful music and the most beautiful paintings are not shaped by people’s subjective will, and the most beautiful spaces are the same. All the meticulously carved details are condensed into a natural state. Set against the backdrop of multi-level green plant decorations, “without losing the essence of grace”, convey the vitality and beauty of the growth of all things to visitors.

The simple linear vocabulary is dissolved by soft plants, and the diversified natural elements abstractly express the wonders of nature. Plant specimens and insect decorations express a return to the true and natural taste of life.

The designer tried to integrate a harmonious and pleasant natural tone for the entire space environment. The bright and atmospheric negotiation area is matched with warm and stable green pillows as a highlight. The simplicity and avant-garde have a simple and warm tone, giving the space an artistic and harmonious atmosphere.

One object, one branch and one leaf, all derive the beauty and nutrients from nature, and with all kinds of tiny and unremarkable beauty, they all get a new courtesy in the space.

Echoing the majestic and endless vitality of nature, it stands in nature and blends into nature. Human settlements return to nature, perceiving the urban context in the mountains and rivers, the designer irrigates the plants in the space environment, and cultivates the natural scenery in our hearts.

Let us slow down, appreciate nature, and feel the vitality of the growth of all things, just like Montaigne said: “Live freely.” A person who loves nature must love life.

Project Details

Project Name
Yango Kunming Wenlan East Sales Center

Emma Zhang

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Recreation Concept

Project Location

Emma Zhang, Luis Lv


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IF design has consistently adhered to the concept of “aesthetics/life/new life”. Continuously cross the border to ensure the forward-looking and innovative design. Respect for customer traits and cultural diversity, and inject a never-ending enterprising power into a better life.