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HANGZHOU JIADING INTERIOR DESIGN CO., LTD: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2022. There is a sea in the Nordic town of Vic. There is a black and lonely corner on the long and humid coastline, as well as seabirds and a large black reef. The waves keep hitting.The black sand beach, crystal clear ice blocks emitting diamond like light, and the green aurora floating in the black night sky, are vague and dreamy. The whole picture looks like a mysterious sense of escaping to the end of the world, and also full of awe of nature and life.

In pursuit of perfection and on the way to a better future, everyone is fearless and loving. Walking towards the light is an instinctive yearning for life and beauty.

Designer Louis Liu moved Iceland from the other side of the world into the entire living space, absorbed the classical and poetic elements of Iceland’s aurora, glaciers, black sand beaches, and integrated the fearless and loving life ideas to create a feeling of “seeing the sea and the aurora above the sea”. You can see the beauty at the end of the world without leaving the home.

Through billions of light years,meet the aurora

(Space: 1F living room+dining room+kitchen)

There is a beautiful secret garden in everyone’s heart. No matter how time goes by, it can not erase the colorful and gorgeous garden. There is no withering or withering, and there is full of curiosity and fearlessness.

The dark color of the northern European aurora atmosphere is the main color. The overall color of the living room and dining room integrates the aurora filter, the Klein blue sea, the transparent ice, and the black gray of the black sand beach, creating a mysterious life.

In the black and white interwoven space, is the space narrative poet’s artistic fantasy. The spacious high-rise structure and the aurora lamps falling from the sky are the visual impact of excitement and ethereal, and the ecstasy of seeing Aurora.The blue ice shaped sofa, the beach aurora carpet, the languid sleeping polar bear and the diamond lamp came out in turn. The geometric cutting modeling of the wall is the destruction and reorganization of the structure, which breaks the established framework and impacts the established impression. It belongs to the deconstructive artistic atmosphere, and is also modern, simple and fashionable.

If the living room area is a glacier, the sea and the aurora, the dining room area is a peaceful and secluded black sand beach, with black ground, dark gray walls, and scattered transparent ice blocks, the atmosphere of approaching the zero degree wilderness will come to you.Warm plush and transparent acrylic make up an artistic single chair. Colorful glazed dining table is suspended on the glacier. In this mysterious and exploring space, even if three meals a day, you can also enjoy a dream and romance.

Taking into account the living environment of contemporary people, the designer has made deep thinking on such details as the porch, tea table and kitchen, which are both practical and artistic. In addition to the traditional storage space, the porch space will also add disinfection and sterilization functions for the post epidemic era; The rock slab table top of the tea table can hide projector equipment to meet the romantic light and shadow time after dinner for the whole family. The semi open kitchen is more convenient for the interaction of family dinner.

Spring has come before the snow melts

((Space: 1F guest room))

In the exclusive field, the space will always suddenly become private, enclosed and quiet. Elegant and gentle plain color, warm and restrained lights, and hairy art single chairs are warm and emotional emotions. In the black sand beach of Iceland, a sunny spring is coming slowly.

A light artificial stone on the background wall at the head of the bed embellishes the line lamps, and the sharp lines bring the broken aesthetic feeling of cutting. Gradual aurora device, blue glacier carpet that has experienced hundreds of millions of years, bright ice cutting surface device painting… Although spring has come, there is still ice and snow that has not completely melted.

Calm and self-control, warm and follow

(Space: 2F master bedroom+master bathroom)

The quiet and pleasant bedroom space is the presentation of endless aesthetic charm of “smart” artistic conception, and also the integration of spirit and existence. Quiet black, extreme daytime white and restrained blue are the main colors of the space. Light and dark colors alternate to form visual tension. A lot of blank space and asymmetric layout are used in the space, while the whole picture still looks harmonious and balanced. This is the soul of traditional aesthetics.

The blue ice lamp is cold and mysterious, the aurora carpet is visual exaggeration, and the hundreds of millions of years of glacier decorative painting makes people calm and self-control at a glance. The elements of glacier, sea and aurora always run through the space. As an extension of body and consciousness, a selection bed and bed products are particularly precious. The warm Nordic fabric not only covers the comfort of people, but also conveys an elegant atmosphere. The temperature of life is always integrated in every touchable detail.

The master bathroom continues the blue of the master bedroom, which is a richer and purer Klein blue. The blue transparent sanitary ware, like the sky and sea, is a particularly strong visual impact. It is bright, clean and empty, making people lost.

A glass of warm red wine and a pool of hot water can bring warm feelings when you are tired in the daytime. This feeling can be perceived by the mind without explanation or language.

The rich atmosphere of life, art and nature forms the ultimate, comfortable and comfortable life enjoyment, which is like the “Iceland” on the other side of the world. It is full of curiosity and fearlessness, so that every pure soul is always be warmed and reflected by the home in the life stage of becoming the light.

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Louis Liou

At the 30th anniversary of Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 2014, he created the art field of “I am in Zhongshan Liu’s Mansion” for the first time at the experimental collection exhibition program. Founder Louis Liou is the first to have been invited to join the spatial art program as an artist. His various space work designs have also won the recognition of the German Red Dot Design Award, publication in the well-known Dutch architecture design magazine Frame-NIGHT FEVER, Andrew Martin Award, and Taiwan Interior Design (TID) Award.