Spring Sales Office | NNS DESIGN | World Design Awards 2021

NNS DESIGN: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. The Spring sales office stands beside the broad sea and silver sand, taking the shape of a “seagull”, and its streamlined appearance combines beauty, comfort and personalization. In form, this project tells everyone a fascinating “seaside story” through the combination of architectural appearance and interior art.

Among Chinese history and culture, the stone appreciation culture is a unique artistic culture of calming and enlightening Taoism, and a unique oriental philosophy. Spring Flower Marketing Center uses water reefs as design elements to show the unique urban style of Dalian, simultaneously elicit the spiritual core of stone philosophy, and create an immersive modern space experience.

Entering from the front hall, you can see reef elements of different shapes everywhere. The introduction of natural materials gives the space a different texture, forming a strong visual impact, creating a space-time dialogue between nature and the built environment, thus breaking the monotony and repetition of the space , To create a memory point unique to the entire space.

In order to distinguish and connect with the outdoor landscape, the design of the first floor of the staircase adopts the concept of “reef stone exhibition by the sea”. Through the whole mirror decoration, the sculpture in the original form is derived from the wall to the ground, forming a seamless one. The overall space.

Frames of pictures slowly unfold from far to near, and the beauty of the water bar area is also enlarged step by step. Whether it is display or flower art, it makes it like a museum, creating an atmosphere of museums and exhibitions.

Project Details

Project Name
Spring sales office


World Design Awards Category
Office Interior Built

Project Location
Dalian City

Wang Chao, Sun Jing, Yue Xiaorui, Wang Yuexiang


Photography ©Credit
©Yan Ming


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