SUNAC SUNAN【In The Future】 by SUNAC | International Residential Architecture Awards 2020

SUNAC: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2020. Standing in the heart of Liangxi District of Wuxi and backed by the Grand Canal, the project is the only residential land on the riverside of the Canal in this area. The highly flexible traffic system that consists of Yunhe West Road, Nanhu Boulevard, and the First Ring Express Way with subway Line 1 and Line 5 offers people easily accessible transportation experience. Just a stone’s throw away from the four prosperous business areas: The city center, Taihu Square, Lakeshore Commercial Street, and the municipal government, residents here can enjoy a pleasant life. It enjoys a self-evident geographic advantage as it’s embraced by abundant natural resources of four ecological parks and the Grand Canal landscape belt. The project is designed as a commercial property manifesting the modern minimalism by drawing on the concept of “less is more” of Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, a famous architect master. By grasping the aesthetic trend of the times, the designers leverage elements of mirrored facades, simple horizontal lines, wide balconies, high-tech and elegant glass curtains, and sophisticated outlines with grey metal texture to construct a transparent, tall and straight, and refined outlook of the buildings. All these preparations work perfectly to interpret the fashionable international style of minimalism and to pursue simplicity and a new aesthetic and artistic life.

The designers observe “the etiquette of four entrances”, which signifies the first entrance to the community through the main gate, the second to the open garden of the community, the third to the neighborhood garden, and the fourth to the exquisitely decorated lobby. The buildings are distributed appropriately in the courtyard with nearly 100 meters distance among each other to ensure the best field of vision. The community incorporates artistic aesthetics and functionality into life with low-density and about 36% greening rate to present functional sensory gardens to all ages. The intelligent community drives you to enjoy the one-stop intelligent lifestyle. Outdoor smart WIFI is well arranged to provide easy network access for outdoor activities such as working, watching movies, and organizing concerts. Unlimited outdoor battery life is guaranteed by setting up outdoor charging ports based on the landscape outlook. The all-in-one card access system together with the face recognition system is allocated at the gate of the community and the entrance of each unit to cater for the residents with convenient intelligent life experience while maintaining reliable security management. Stroller parking space: Every detail of the courtyard is a manifestation of care and love, no matter it is the stroller parking space of the children’s playground or the outdoor power supply at the recreation zone. The house layout of the project spans from 89 to 143 ㎡. The 143 ㎡ type with five bays facing south, especially, offers expansive views of the Grand Canal and the central garden landscape in the community. It is undoubtedly the best choice for high-net-worth clients to embrace a new life. The project brings us a new era on the riverside of the Grand Canal.

Winner: International Residential Architecture Awards 2020 

Architects: Cao Kan
Category: Residential Concept
Project Location: Wuxi
Team: Gu guohua, Wu Feng, Diao Hongna, Wang Bin, Cao Kan, Wu Jianjian
Country: China
Photography ©Credit: SUNAC

Wuxi Sunac, as Sunac China’s first branch in the Yangtze River Delta, plays an important role in the group’s strategic development blueprint. Since establishment in 2005, we have expanded business to neighboring cities such as Taizhou and Changzhou and developed 34 properties so far. Based in Wuxi, we constantly work to radiate the surrounding cities and improve brand visibility. 

Over 16 years, we have set the standard for urban dwellings in Wuxi or even the whole region, with every plot and project being elaborately and meticulously developed.

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