TAN·GIM | HZS | IRA Awards 2023

HZS: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2023. Located within the Second Ring Road of Chang ‘an District, Shijiazhuang, the central city of North China, the project is adjacent to Heping Road on the south side, enjoying a mature core location of the city. It is only 1.4km away from the municipal government and covers a large number of important urban facilities within 4km. The site of the project used to be the site of the former Shijiazhuang Cotton Textile Mill, one of the most important parts of the city’s history. Therefore, the primary challenge of the design is to carry the urban memory and connect the future development of the city, and the important significance of this practice is to mend the urban space, continue the historical context, and connect the future of human settlements.

The project plans a total land area of 80,500 square meters, adhering to the principle of arranging differential layout according to the plot features, an urban space with “group and cluster, reasonable density arrangement and diversity and order” is formed. The community has a total of three groups, two of which are high-rise residential buildings with a good urban display interface to bring elegant living space with international high-end attributes, while the other group consists of low-rise residential buildings, which emphasize strong life atmosphere. Each group adopts the “tower building + plate type combination” layout to form a spatial pattern of staggered height, and also create a larger scale central garden within the community. 

The design of the community center is inspired by the lightness of silk thread and the flow of clouds, echoing the culture of cotton spinning. The design achieves the organic integration of the cantilever terrace structure and the facade form through the inclined rib, creating an elegant and extended architectural form. The appearance of the building uses a large number of circular arc and curved surface design to bring a combination of softness and hardness and majestic and unrestricted feeling, which is very futuristic. Glass, aluminum, stone, and metal molding are carefully polished to create an integrated, smooth and intense look that reflects a gorgeous collection quality.

The residential buildings continue the vein of industrial site, redefine the living style of Shimen, and provide high-quality living services for the future urban core. The building facade adopts the design concept of “the charm of the sky and the flowing clouds” in order to inherit the historical context of the city with the Second Cotton Textile Mill as the main body. Three harmonious and unique facade styles, namely “Elegant International Style”, “Textile Memory” and “Light Future”, demonstrate the diversity of the city.

The community dwelling units provide a total of 7 main housing types, involving 126 square meters, 146 square meters, 166 square meters, 189 square meters and so on. Diversified units can meet the needs of people of all ages, all units are two households with an elevator, delivered in a fine decoration way, and each type ensures as large a window as possible. Among the products of the same area in the market at present, the housing type design of this project can be described as relatively reasonable and comfortable with superior quality.

Project Details

Han Wei, Cai Guanhua, Zhang Peng, Jiang Dexiang

Project Name

Housing Multi-Family

Project Location

Liu Man, Ma Xiaoxing


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