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HAIYI DESIGN: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. The Cube is located in the core area of Longhua District, Shenzhen, surrounded by dense industrial enterprises and residential areas, commercial areas, campuses, etc. Mature community forms, convenient transportation, and cold chain logistics covering Shenzhen and the entire Greater Bay Area add to its advantages. The project aims to combine the high-rise logistics cold storage factory and the multi-functional complex into an efficient, reliable and dynamic industrial building to meet the needs of modern logistics.

For this upcoming new-generation industrial complex, a tall and spacious storage space is designed for large-volume goods; the advanced cold chain system in the logistics cold storage factory ensures the quality and safety of refrigerated and frozen goods; the optimized cargo flow and parking areas will reduce handling time and costs, improving overall logistics efficiency; built-in facilities such as small shopping malls and restaurants provide staff and visitors with a variety of life scenes and help the economic development of the park.

Inspired by the Rubik’s Cube, architects introduced the advantages of this geometric cube to optimize every detail and flexibly meet different needs and challenges. The Rubik’s Cube with infinite possibilities is the soul of the design. Under such theme, the internal and external space and functions of the cold storage are modularized and cleverly connected, which breaks the monotony of the traditional model, realizes flexible space transformation, and ensures the function and aesthetic value.

In terms of shape, environmentally friendly metal materials of different colors are combined to make the facade into a Rubik’s cube. They optimize the texture and luster of the building, enrich the visual effect, and enhance the three-dimensional sense and artistic value of the building. This building with a unique visual impact has become a conspicuous symbol that strengthens the company’s brand image and identity.

In terms of environmental optimization, the park has introduced professional landscape design to beautify the surrounding environment, using low-carbon recyclable building materials (such as metal exterior walls), energy-saving lamps, new energy charging piles, etc. to ensure low-carbon, environmentally friendly and green development. In terms of social responsibility, the park adheres to the fulcrum role of the community and the fundamental role of people. An open space for surrounding public activities is planned in the park, and Building 2 is specially designed to accommodate post offices, police offices, activity rooms, etc. that serve the surrounding communities.

Project Details

Tao Rong, Mao Liangping

Project Name
The Cube


World Design Awards Category
Mixed-Use Concept

Project Location

LIU Ruiying, DING Yizhao, HUANG Zhengming, LI Ke, NIU Chuanqi, FU Qiang

Collaborators Team


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