The Skyline by HWCD | World Design Awards 2020

HWCD: Honorable Mention of World Design Awards 2020. The project is located in Shenyang, liaoning province. The designer integrates and extracts the essence of eastern and western cultures, implanting artistic elements into the indoor environment of modern architecture, and using modern techniques to interpret traditional culture, so as to find the best balance between the two. The whole space expresses a kind of graceful, quiet, clear temperament, simple and atmospheric modeling, integration of modern elements and local culture, maximize its artistic expression tension, the three-dimensional sense of space and the sense of strength perfect display.

The reception hall on the first floor adopts the warm grey marble with modern simple and large volume as the overall tone, and the central area takes the semi-transparent metal carving screen as the visual center, with the stable dark marble reception platform.
In the local decorative surface into the delicate and elegant metal embossing, highlighting the grand momentum of the large space in the delicate touch of the ornament and integration.

According to the shape change of light and shadow, the designer makes the space achieve the shock experience on the vision through the vertical line element, deduce the special aesthetic feeling of light and shadow change.The volume of stone and metal is used, and the golden ratio of dark and light colors in the material is matched, so that the whole lobby shows a distinct, strong contrast and a sense of spatial rhythm.

The curviline change of spiral stair changes, bring intense sense experience, as the design element of dimensional expression, build structure and artistic conception between acting, make the space extremely rich administrative levels feels. Spiral stair grain, the metallic colour and lustre that has contemporary feeling extremely, let historical charm and artistic delicacy build the artistic spirit of the space jointly.

The third floor is the visual focus of the sales center in the whole demonstration area and the main experience space for customers. In this, use the more colorful, technique of expression level is more outstanding, make a space more rich artistic expression tension, no matter in the sand area or discussion area, using the large span, integral design technique, combined with relatively uniform texture and color to depict the whole space, hard lines to connect and smooth, with rich artistic language and the structure of the order, broke the past tedious experience of space.

The sand table model area highlights its theme with a bright sense of space, and the paper style of east Asia, matched with a sedate and dignified dark marble wall ground, the concise collocation allows the experiencers to concentrate their thoughts throughout the experience process of the artistic atmosphere of the space.

The atmosphere of negotiation area emphasizes with quiet, elegant atmosphere foil is reflected, whole wall and smallpox use lukewarm run wood grain to act the role of, the modelling that tie-in stripe grille, and lamplight of distinct arrangement is rendered, let whole space is downy in do not break atmosphere again magnificent.

The central waterscape stage is well integrated with the waterscape sculpture on the ground floor, which echoes each other. Add a clever natural artistic conception for static space. The detailed surface of the whole space is reflected in the use of metal, the outline of the ultimate details, the integration of the west and the east of the rigid and soft integration, once again focused on conveying the integration and collision of various elements in modern fashion.

Firm: HWCD
Architect: HWCD
Category: Commercial Interior Built

Project Location: Shengyang
Team: Jin Ming, Li Dong, Shen Haobo, Shi Junyu, Li Jie, Zhou Yiyun, Qian Yunjia, Chen Qiang
Country: China
Photography ©Credit: HWCD

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