The Willow Shores by HWCD | World Design Awards 2020

HWCD: Winner of World Design Awards 2020. Suzhou, an ancient city full of water color, has the best water town scenery and meticulous cultural style, spring breeze, elegant city. Today, the development of suzhou is not only the ancient city of gusu, suzhou has introduced a concept of “one nuclear four cities”, its degree of modernization has become the most in jiangsu.

Suzhou wuzhong taihu new city is located in the south of suzhou, south of taihu lake water, is an important part of suzhou “one nuclear four cities” urban development strategy.

The area where the project is located is the core residential area of wuzhong taihu new district, which reaches to the north of swan dang road. The exhibition and planning hall of taihu new town is built in the southeast corner, and the swan lake park is located in the southwest and other key projects are being accelerated.

The surrounding road traffic is developed, the main and secondary trunk roads are in the stage of rapid construction, and the subway station is planned nearby, which will have high accessibility in the future.

The main color of the building is traditional grey, and the overall layout is in the form of modern garden. The large roof of traditional Oriental architecture, deep eaves and large glass lighting make the sensory distance between the inside and outside closer, so that the ancient tradition and modern innovation collide and project different styles.

And the central pool is the whole building visual center, we will as far as possible, let a person from the interior of the view of overall, context for spiritual design to the east, aims to create rich suzhou local feelings life pavilion, deduce the design principle of modern garden, both based on the landscape, and Yang in the landscape, let visitors, feeling poetic general mood in the space environment.
Modern garden design, more exquisite is from nature, and return to nature.

With water as the nature, let the beauty of the courtyard, like Oriental poetry, is not in the accumulation of rhetoric, but delicate and simple scene blend, let the beauty of the landscape, more free and unrestrained.

The ethereal realm is a special realm in Oriental aesthetics.
In Chinese classical art, the expression of artistic conception is emphasized, and the subtle dialectical relationship between object and mood is also paid special attention to.

This design is more important from different points on how to build the carrier of Oriental spirit in contemporary design, and explore the design philosophy based on national culture.


Firm: HWCD
Architect: HWCD
Category: Interior Design Built
Project Location: Suzhou
Team: Zhang Pei, Dong Jiabei

Country: China
Photography ©Credit: HWCD

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