Vanke Foshan “Golden Dream” Shopping Street | L&P Architects | World Design Awards 2021

L&P Architects: Special Mention of World Design Awards 2021. “Golden Dream” shopping street located at Shanhongqi community in Foshan.The community has several important innovation and entrepreneurship carriers, the industrial chain is rich in resources.

Most population in the area is 18-30 years old. So the position of the project is main commercial support and urban life function carrier.

There will be an incubating youth trends by create a vivid bay area innovative place, mainly reflects in six aspects:

Experiential retail: provide a unique commercial space experience which more focused on experience.

All day all night service: provide services for different consumer needs 24/7.

Urban street design: Offers unique street experiences different from shopping complex.

Trendy lifestyle:Provide IP lifestyle entertainment experience.

Urban chic:Connect the most trendy internet celebrity check-in experience for consumers.

People-oriented: Provide a local innovation platform.

The basic strategy of masterplan is to attracting passenger flow. Setting three main city plaza join to urban ,to attract visitors go into the street, meanwhile ,setting three smaller plaza inside the shopping street with different theme to create vivid scene-like shopping atmosphere to attract visitors stay here. Each space node keeps a reasonable distance, and linked by a clear “L-shape” stream line .Then space nodes and the main stream line connected to form a space nodes network.

The most important plaza called Leisurely Community Entrance Plaza located at northeast of the site, surrounding by three anchor shops: supermarket, sales office and gym center. Distribute an anchor sculpture and many outdoor playground public seating elements.

 Another important plaza called Unban Dynamic Entrance Plaza, which welcome people stream from subway station. The landscape and shop’s branding together creating a vivid urban atmosphere.

Southwest plaza called Influencer Food Entrance Plaza, there will be a lot of special food distribute around the plaza.

In the center of street, there is a Festival Central Plaza, which can used to organize various festival .A bookshop in the center, providing culture atmosphere.

As Foshan is an old traditional southern Chinese city, who’s building style is unique and impressive. The inspiration of this shopping street building style comes from traditional southern china architecture: Slope roof. And translate it into modern building language by making the slope straight, using modern materials like  light golden aluminum sheet and  gray aluminum sheet to create a modern vivid commercial atmosphere. it looks like several stone scatter into a canyon:the flowing  stream of people like the  flowing river. The background towers like the mountain on the two sides forming a valley like space.

Project Details
L&P Architects

Project Name
Vanke Foshan “Golden Dream” Shopping Street 

L&P Architects

World Design Awards Category
Commercial Concept

Project Location
Foshan, China

Gang LI, Quan TU, Zerong LIN, Shunwan LE, Wenbin LIN, Huasheng MAI

HKSAR, China

Photography ©Credit
©L&P Architects

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