Vanke Metropolis Park Changchun | Beijing Interface Space Interior Design | World Design Awards 2022

Beijing Interface Space Interior Design: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. The designer focuses on “transcending the boundary” and takes “penetrating the medium and blurring the space boundary” as the framework to build a multi-functional space, blending history and natural temperament. The space has created a brand-new cultural community integrating cultural entertainment, sports and exhibition. From this, the interior and exterior, the virtual and the real, the rigid and the soft, the geometric shape and the arc are alternately inserted, and the time and space are unified at this moment, and the immersive experience is obtained in the art space.

The combination of copper brick and black metal mirror is the carrier for indoor and outdoor transmission of light and shadow. It changes the color of light and shadow with the change of time and enriches the space. Smooth lines and leather materials add elegance and stability to the whole lobby. The use of metal base makes the reception desk more flexible in the silence. The combination of green plant landscape, dynamic and static interactive sand table display space and diversified service bar breaks the limitations of traditional space, provides a rich and symbiotic green space, builds the connection between people and nature, sales and life, and achieves real gravitational convergence. You can interact with this “mini forest” everywhere, and the boundary between the sales space and the natural ecology becomes blurred. Being in it makes you feel the “boundless blend” of people, nature and life. Enable the scene in the form of IP and link the emotional temperature of people and places. Give the space a healthy, dynamic and diversified space spirit, and finally achieve scene interaction.

Project Details

Beijing Interface Space Interior Design

Beijing Interface Space Interior Design

Project Name
Vanke Metropolis Park Changchun

World Design Awards Category
Mixed-Use and Commercial Built

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Project Team   
MS’Song, MR Chen


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©Beijing Interface Space Interior Design

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