WANG BBQ | IN.X Design | World Design Awards 2023

IN.X Design: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. WANG BBQ was completed in May 2023. It is a multifunctional restaurant located in the city center, designed for Beijing Aidun Catering Co., Ltd. The restaurant aims to attract young people and has the flexibility to host various events.

The client’s requirements included creating a unique and diverse dining environment to provide customers with a distinctive dining experience. Additionally, the restaurant needed to accommodate different types of events such as gatherings and celebrations. The client had specific budget and time constraints for the design and construction.

Our design team centered the space around beer barrels and a circular bar, incorporating the theme of “日不落” (Day Without Sunset) with elements of poetry and mysticism to create a unique dining ambiance. The flexible scattered design allowed the space to open up in all directions, making it adaptable for various activities.

During the construction process, we utilized exposed beer barrel installations, LED light strips, and metal pipelines to create a vibrant atmosphere with a sense of warmth, slight intoxication, and futuristic hints. Additionally, we emphasized the use of environmentally-friendly materials and energy-saving measures to ensure sustainability. Along the sunset lightbox, the sign “楼上请” (Upstairs, Please) emerges like a deep-sea treasure, signifying your official entry into the “club”.

Exposed beer barrel installations extend up to the roof, surrounded by LED light strips and metal pipelines. The skylight slices through the facade windows, creating an atmosphere that rapidly ferments emotions. The exposed structural columns and rough-textured matte materials reflect intricate details in the halo of lights, contrasting with the smooth and sharp metallic surfaces, constructing a rhythmic and dazzling spatial experience.

WANG BBQ defies conventions, creating a captivating and emotionally-charged space for young people. With them as the core, the restaurant aims to broaden its customer scope. When a small eatery stands firm like a rock, it becomes a beacon for urban dwellers during sunset—a light that welcomes them to indulge, have fun, and let down their guards as soon as they step through the door.

Project Details
IN.X Design

Wu Wei

Project Name

World Design Awards Category
Interior Design Built

Project Location
Beijing, China

Liu Chenyang, Jia Qifeng, Zhang Shun, Ying Zheguang, Song Jiangli


Photography ©Credit
©Boris Shiu

Wu Wei: As the founder and creative director of IN • X based in Beijing, the interior architect Wu Wei is a master in Chinese catering space design. He is the designated designer for some popular restaurant in China, such as Siji Minfu Roast Duck Restaurant, Hu Da Restaurant, etc. With the design philosophy of “Strategy First, Design Follows”, he has maintained close strategic partnerships with many leading Chinese catering brands. With deep attainments in esthetics and global perspective in business, he provides accurate business and design strategy for brand, thus, creating sustainable vitality for brand development. Wu Wei has witnessed and nourished the development of Chinese new generation catering brands.

Beijing IN•X Design Co., Ltd.,

Beijing IN•X Design Co., Ltd., founded in 2005 by interior architect Wu Wei (Wu Qihua), is a forward-looking strategic space design consultancy with a global vision and local experience. Provides all-round consulting and design services centered on dining space design. Since its establishment, it has served many famous domestic and international catering and home brands such as Swarovski, Qumei Home, Four Seasons Folk Boiled Duck Shop.

This is a diverse and diverse team of architects, interior designers, product designers and professional brand consultants. The company provides brand strategy and design services, combined with a large database and catering experts resources to develop precise market positioning for the brand. The team is forward-looking, innovative and executive, providing interior design, soft-pack design, product design and other case design services, providing brand-innovative and economical solutions for different projects according to local conditions. The essence of culture is combed and refined, and it is integrated into the space in the form of modern freehand.