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Jianxue Architecture and Engineering Design Institute Co.,Ltd: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. The Wenzhou Future Experience Center project is located in South Zhejiang Science and Technology City, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province.The total construction area is 4424.3 square meters, and it is currently in the construction stage on the ground.

The architectural design of this project responds to China’s goal of green and low-carbon, adopts ultra-low energy consumption technology of steel-wood structure, minimizes the amount of steel used in the structure, and uses a large area of ​​high-strength glulam structure with negative carbon.

The carbon emissions of the wood-structured beam-slab system can be reduced by about 65% compared to the traditional reinforced concrete beam-slab system.

The roof adopts a hyperbolic paraboloid to achieve the effect of a perfect combination of architectural appearance and structural stress. The overall shape is like an airplane, which means that the Longwan area of ​​Wenzhou will soar and develop vigorously.

The future experience center project is an important window for Wenzhou to promote the regional image of the South Zhejiang Science and Technology City and tell the historical story of Wenzhou’s development.

With the most open concept and vision, the most advanced technology and the most shocking interactive experience, the experience hall will show the world the thousand-year history and culture of Wenzhou, the leading digital industry achievements of Longwan New Town, and the development blueprint of the future city and future community.

The project is expected to become a new generation of popular cultural landmark in Wenzhou with international popularity and a sense of belonging to citizens.

Project Details
Jianxue Architecture and Engineering Design Institute Co.,Ltd

Yi Lu

Project Name
Wenzhou Future Experience Center

World Design Awards Category
Public Building Concept

Project Location
Wenzhou, Zhejiang

Jianxue Architecture and Engineering Design Institute Co.,Ltd


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Jianxue was founded in 1988 by Mr. Dai Nianci, a master architect and a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it is the first pilot unit for the reform of the design institute system after the reform and opening-up.

Under the dynamic background of global multicultural integration, green and low-carbon consensus, Jianxue has put forward the vision of “For a Happy Tomorrow”, committed to through forward-looking and the inclusive design achieves a balance and breakthrough between the environment, the city and the people, and realizes a beautiful vision of the future city.