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Chengdu Maiwei Landscape Design Co., Ltd.: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. At the beginning, we were discussing what kind of space can give people living on this land an unexpected life scene. After all, this is the Optics Valley in Wuhan, where a group of the most imaginative people gather .The big river you like, the big lake you like, the water and mountains you like, I think I will keep it for you.

On the summer solstice when the sun has reached the Tropic of Cancer, starting from this refreshing white, you can read your life in Jiangcheng through the Erfei Mountain across the road. The path imitating mountains and valleys, surrounded by mountains and rivers, is a quiet summer that can be had between floating lights and shadows, just like this twisted light and shadow sculpture. When the road leading to the middle of the waterscape allows you to follow the light and trace the shadows, it is the secret code – “the wind makes waves, and the water surface is calm without tides”.

When you see the water filled with the sky, you will be annoyed. Why do you fall in love with the whiteness between the light and shadow so easily? It turns out that what is even more amazing is the river and lake depicted for you.The gentle water curtain reminds you passing by with a trickle, time flows here.

If you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes, you wouldn’t believe that this shimmering water is actually more suitable for viewing from another angle. The spectacle of water flowing to a high place is commonplace here.At the end of the road, the spiral staircase connects the space beyond the line of sight and the space beyond the space, giving people with imagination all possibilities. For example, in parallel time and space, is it the upper floor or the lower floor?

It’s not that the valley has an echo, but so does the Jianghan Plain. It doesn’t rain only when the clouds are overcast, it also rains here.

The lingering of rivers and lakes makes the waters of each layer very flexible, you can touch and feel. Even, you only have to take a look, or stand here and listen.Sit leisurely here to watch the sunset sinking, immersed in the splendor with the light and shadow.

Lingfeng does not mention boundless everywhere, but it is boundless everywhere, just like this arrogant tree, standing between heaven and earth, making the huge Erfei Mountain willing to set off.

When the wind blows, you can listen to the sound of the waves swaying by the trees in Erfei Mountain, or you can watch the fireworks and the animism in the world here.The green after the new rain in the empty mountains is just right for him, and this harp-like corridor is too suitable for this summer.Maybe the future life field of Leader Peak will have the answer you want.

Having seen the invisible flowing mirror of the sky in Lingfeng, you can only appreciate the natural meaning of the floating world.

The design starts from the field temperament of Wuhan River City, combines the overhead layer and the sunken courtyard of the building, and connects the mirror water with the water curtain to form a three-layer three-dimensional boundless landscape, gathering the sky, clouds and shadows, stopping the water and sky in one color, and delineating the empty and pure future.A city island floating without boundaries, reflecting a city floating light. It is not only the showcase of the frontier life of optical valley, but also the extension of the aesthetic life of the future region.

Project Details
Chengdu Maiwei Landscape Design Co., Ltd.

Liu yuqing

Project Name
Wuhan City Investment Nanshan Long Investment·Leading Peak

World Design Awards Category
Landscape Design Built

Project Location
Wuhan, Hubei

Yuan Qiang, Tang Wuxin, Liu Yuqing, Zhang Zhaoting, Wang Yaochan, Luo Xuemei, Peng Youxin, Hu Hao, Liu Lijun, Fu Xuemei, He Xin, Yang Wen


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©prism architectural landscape photography

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