YUNĒ Guangzhou | Guangdong Hesheng Dongyu Real Estate Co., Ltd. | International Residential Architecture Awards 2022

Guangdong Hesheng Dongyu Real Estate Co., Ltd.: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2022. The facades of the residential buildings are decorated with the graphic elements of the local landmark Canton Tower to form a symmetrical composition, which highlights a sense of ceremony and artistry and meanwhile visually stabilizes the building volumes that seem to be floating “into the clouds”. A sequence of curves full of variations is formed, eliciting a sense of gracefulness and elegance.

The facade design adopts the typical elements of YUNĒ properties, and extracts the shapes of clouds in a more delicate way. While the design emphasizes the quality techniques of the facades, it also utilizes layered, undulating curves to improve and optimize the architectural volumes. In this way, it infuses more grace and dynamic into the facades, and forms a futuristic and iconic architectural image.

One of the challenges is how to convey the image of an upscale residential community. Environment-friendly aluminum plates are chosen for the facades as a main material, which makes the buildings appear to be straighter and more towering when the facades glisten in the sunshine. Combined with the beautiful curves, the buildings better suit the design principles of the property series of YUNĒ, and perfectly convey the quality and spirit of a high-end community.

A color palette of silver grey, light grey, deep grey and champagne is chosen for the facades. Curtain walls formed by grey aluminum plates are dotted with champagne aluminum strips between each floor, revealing a rational geometric aesthetic. The color of champagne adds a tinge of luxury to the facades, inducing a vibrant, graceful and luxurious touch. The buildings are enveloped by curtain walls in all directions to showcase a sense of wholeness and fineness.

The design fully utilizes the plot’s features and divides the site into multiple terraced spaces. Several building clusters are formed, which generate a pleasing wavy skyline. Combined with the landscape design, the whole design maximizes the residential quality. Two landscape corridors run south-north across the residential community, dividing it into three areas.

The clubhouse accommodates multiple facilities including an art gallery, a yoga studio, a gym, a multi-functional fitness studio with private trainers, a lounge, a children’s recreation area, a water bar, a music classroom, a YUNĒ hall, an art hallway, a wine bar, a glass room, and a swimming pool. These facilities infill the residential community with taste, enrich the homecoming experience, and bring more convenience and grace to the future residents’life.

To achieve sustainability, the project uses light aluminum plates as a main material. Unlike other decorative materials such as glass, stone, ceramics or aluminum composite materials, aluminum plates are highly capable of staying clean and self-cleaning. They are 100% recyclable and have a high residual value for recycling. In addition, the material can be recycled for numerous times with consistent performance as a way to protect the environment, reduce pollution and achieve sustainability. In the project, aluminum is used to replace copper, wood and plastics, which can substantially reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emission.

Project Details
Guangdong Hesheng Dongyu Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Zhang Runzhou, Huang Zhongxin, Cai Guanhua, Han Wei, Zhang Hongyu, Yao Peng, Niu Zhenbin, Chen Ruiyi, Yan Kedong, Chen Yixuan, Zhang Zhan, Zhang Yinsen, Ma Xiaoxing

Project Name
YUNĒ Guangzhou

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Housing Concept

Project Location
Guangzhou, China

Zhang Runzhou, Huang Zhongxin, Cai Guanhua, Han Wei, Zhang Hongyu, Yao Peng, Niu Zhenbin, Chen Ruiyi, Yan Kedong, Chen Yixuan, Zhang Zhan, Zhang Yinsen, Ma Xiaoxing


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